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“The journals arrived this morning and I just wanted to let you know how very pleased we all are with how they turned out. MRA is initiating "a new day" of class, professionalism and sophistication, and your product is going to help us reach those goals in a very real, sustainable and substantial way.

Thank you so much.”

Franklin, TN

“On a visit to the U.S. I purchased one of your beautiful Gallery Leather Address Books.  I am writing to ask if I could possible attain another inset.”

Sale, Australia

“I was fortunate to receive one of your leather planners last year.  I was most impressed with the quality and style.”

Jefferson, LA

“I like elegant, well crafted things.  That’s why I bought your 2007 Leather Planner.  It is beautifully made.”

Etna, NH

“Two years ago on a visit to Colorado I purchased some of your CD Library Albums in black leather.  I am extremely pleased with them and would like to purchase more.”

Stirling, Scotland

“I am in procession of your leather planner.  It’s been my favorite.”

Provo, UT

“I got one of your journals for my birthday.  I love it so much.  It is so beautiful.  I’m going to write in it every day from now on.”

“I love your journals.  I discovered them in a stationery store in Washington, DC and called to order 5 of them for myself and as gifts.”

Annapolis, MD

“I find your leather books and other things wonderful. I can’t do without them.”

Springfield, IL

 “The wedding photographer we hired for our special day did not provide our photos in a quality album…I found one of your Gallery Leather albums in Fort Worth, Texas and really loved it!”

Fort Worth, TX

 “I am very pleased with the style and quality of this item (Leather Desk Planner) and would to purchase a matching month-at-glance calendar.”

Tilbury, Ontario

 “I am writing to say that your leather journal is perfect in every way: it is the right size, the pages are ruled correctly, the paper nice and slick, the leather hardbound and the edges gilded.  It could not be improved upon – and I am particular, having used so many.”

Eureka, CA

“Thank you so much for creating and designing such an excellent product.”

Farmingdale, NJ

“Your outstanding address book will be around long after I’ve gone to my maker.  Thank you for your American quality.”

Asheville, NC

“I just wanted to let you know that I just purchased yet another calendar book for the new year.  Thanks for making a great product in the USA.”

Cedar Rapids, IA

“Seven years ago I purchased a black, hardbound leather journal of your making, I have used it ever since more or less faithfully.  It is still as beautiful as the day I purchased it and shows no sign of wear or tear.”

Richmond, VA

 “Both my husband and I were delighted to find such beautifully produced leather books made here in America.”

Bensalem, PA

“I found your leather desk journal. Perfect!  Your craftsmanship is appreciated.”

Omaha, NE

“I was so happy to find a weekly planner that was functional and pretty.  I will look for it next year and many years to come.  I will tell my friends about.”

Riverside, CA