Review Policy

We appreciate when our customers take the time to review our products and encourage you to share your honest feedback, both favorable and unfavorable. This helps other customers make informed decisions regarding their purchases on our website as well as providing us perspective as we continually try to improve our product line. Reviews may be republished in whole or in part in our marketing content. By posting reviews to our website, you permit us to use them for marketing purposes. The below guidelines will assist you as you write your reviews. This review policy is subject to change based on the needs of Gallery Leather and its customers.

Please note that if you need assistance with our products, our Customer Care team is here to assist you.

Reviews will be moderated by Gallery Leather’s customer service team. We remove reviews that violate the below policies.

Relevant Content

Please submit reviews that reflect your own experience with our products and services in a manner that is helpful to others considering Gallery Leather. Helpful reviews often include feedback regarding the product’s materials, durability, appearance, color, format, or usage. Unhelpful reviews often include discussions of unrelated topics, issues with a third-party carrier’s shipping and delivery services, experiences with other merchants, or political or social commentary. Reviews should not include promotional content for other websites, products, services, etc.


Reviews must be written in English.

Personal Information

Please do not submit reviews that contain full names, financial information, phone numbers, email addresses, links to other websites, or other personally identifiable information.

Inappropriate Content

Please do not use offensive language or include inappropriate content in your review. Offensive and inappropriate content may include but is not limited to foul language, sexual references, or language that speaks negatively of a person or persons based on race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation. Reviews should not reference or link to illegal content such as scams, illegal drug references, or violence.

Conflicts of Interest

Reviews are most valuable when they are honest and unbiased. We remove reviews that we believe have been written by Gallery Leather employees or others with conflicts of interest.

Copyrighted Content

Reviews should not contain content owned or created by others. This includes, but is not limited to, copyrighted content. We do not allow reviews from people impersonating someone else.

Duplicate Content

Each review should only be submitted once. Duplicate reviews will be removed.

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