Review Policy

You can submit reviews for items sold by Gallery Leather. We encourage you to share your opinions, both favorable and unfavorable, of all products to help consumers make better decisions regarding their purchases on our website. However, we do have guidelines surrounding reviews on our website that we list below.

Content Guidelines

All reviews must follow Gallery Leather’s content guidelines. We remove reviews that violate these policies. Reviews will be moderated by Gallery Leather’s customer service team.


Reviews must be written in English.

Personal Information

In compliance with our privacy policy, please do not send reviews that contain full names, financial information, phone numbers, email addresses, links to other websites, or additional personally identifiable information in the review.

Inappropriate Content

Do not use offensive language. We remove reviews that include personal attacks or foul language. We do not allow reviews that speak against groups of people based on their race or ethnicity, nationality, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation. We do not allow reviews that contain sexually explicit material. Do not send reviews that contain or link to unlawful content, including but not limited to, scams, illegal drug use, or violence of any kind. 

Conflicts of Interest

Reviews are most valuable when they are honest and unbiased. We remove reviews that we believe have conflicts of interest and/or have been written by employees or people with a vested interest in the product. Submit reviews that were honestly solicited from customers who made a purchase and don’t submit reviews that were paid for. Reviews should not include promotional content for other websites, products, services, etc.

Copyrighted Content

Do not send reviews that infringe on others' rights, including copyright. We do not allow the appropriation of other people's content in a review. We do not allow reviews from people claiming to be someone that they are not.

Relevant Reviews

We do not allow reviews that primarily seek to discuss other topics unrelated to the product itself. This includes comments about shipping and delivery, experiences with other merchants, political or social controversy, and attacks on others. We remove reviews that do not represent a firsthand experience with the product.

Duplicate Content

Each review should only appear once. Essentially, this means the user should own the review and not use content syndicated from other sources. In the case of duplicate reviews, we may remove one or more of the reviews or users.

Republishing Reviews

Please note that reviews may be republished in whole or in part for the purpose of online and offline marketing. By posting reviews to our website, you permit us to use them. You can see all of the reviews you’ve created by visiting Your Account.

Customer Service

If you need assistance with one of our products or want to report a review that doesn’t meet our guidelines, please contact Gallery Leather customer service. This review policy is subject to change based on the needs of Gallery Leather and its customers.  

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